About Us

Colour The Clouds

Colour The Clouds are Sarah Birch and Catherine Manford.

After meeting at Salford University many moons ago, their friendship has been strengthened over the last few years as they both ride the challenging wave of Motherhood – the highs and the lows, the smiles and the tears…They have enough children between them to set up a nursery! Instead of doing that, Sarah and Catherine decided to share some ideas and examples of children’s stories that they’d written and the creative juices began to flow from Mum to Mum, writer to writer, friend to friend… And the rest, like they say, really is history…

Mission Statement

Theatre of Empowerment

Drawing from our own experiences, we write stories and create opportunities to not only engage and grasp the attention of our audiences, and interact with them, but to empower them.  By creating opportunities for audience ownership our aim is to offer and establish a safe environment in which audience members are allowed to experience the piece or work on a personal level. Our aim is to enable this experience to change and better that audience member’s well-being in some way, whether it’s putting a smile on their face or, more long-term, showing them that they are not on their own.

Who We Are

Sarah Birch – Company Director

Sarah began writing stories, poetry and plays for her own two children and, after sharing her ideas with Catherine, Colour The Clouds was formed.  She graduated from Salford University in 2003 where she studied Media and Performance, and following this she gained a MA in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy from Goldsmiths College, UCL, in 2007.  Since then Sarah has worked extensively in schools, exclusion units, community settings and hospitals, writing and performing drama and comedy based workshops, aimed at building confidence, inspiring ideas and embedding creativity.  Sarah is extremely excited to be working with Catherine and Manchester’s 24:7 Theatre Festival on their current project, “Billy, the Monster and Me!” and is looking forward to Colour The Clouds future projects.

Sarah’s favourite thing about working with Catherine is her ability to produce cake, wherever they are!

Catherine Manford – Company Director

Catherine is a Mum of four, who spends lots of time reading and acting out stories, playing and making crafts… When she’s not busy being Mum, Catherine flexes her creative skills with Colour The Clouds as Writer, Producer, Composer, and Performer.  Catherine trained at Salford University and gained a 2:1 in BA (Hons) Performing Arts.  Since graduating, Catherine has worked for a number of companies as an Actor-Musician, Workshop Leader and Director.  Setting up Colour The Clouds with Sarah has been a very natural progression of their work and after their first piece of work, Billy, The Monster and Me! Was commissioned for Manchester’s 24:7 Theatre Festival.

Catherine is really enjoying working on this venture, and is looking forward to lots of tea-drinking, chocolate-eating creative days with her wonderful friend…

“You’ve achieved success in your field when you don’t know whether what you’re doing is work or play” (Warren Beatty)